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Type Lite Health Check Full Health Check Customized Questionnaire
  1. Plan the training
  1. Diagnose situation
  2. Manage changes and performance
  3. Plan the training
  1. Clarify the competency of selected people (e.g. Sales, RD) by customized questionnaire
Online Survey USD1,000 Quoted by local partners Quoted by local partners
(for the customization only, not includs the execution of the survey or the consulting service to clarify competency)
Consultant Diagnosis n/a Quoted by local partners

We offer competitive and affordable rates for different types of Organizational Health Checks. Charged by usage without limitation to the number of survey participants, our clients are able to fulfill organizational goals at different levels through a single or multiple survey administrations to a large population.

  • Lite Health Check: USD1,000 per usage. HR partners can conduct separate surveys to different departments at one time, and make respective plans according to survey results.
  • Full Health Check: Service charge will be quoted by local partners. Clients can deploy the survey to the entire organization. The final report shows the impacts of different factors (such as department, branch, and employee level), and allows intepretations from different angles.
  • Customized Health Check: Price varies by complexity of customization. We charge only technical support fee for readily client-defined competencies, or custom competencies determined with the help by our consultant / Local Partner. The fee for the following usage of the survey with customized competencies is the same as Full Health Check.


Our flexible and budget-friendly fee structure allows enterprises and consultant partners across the board to take the best advantage of our online survey platform. We waive the fees for authentication, authorization, and license. We charge only for each usage of survey.