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Business Promotion


We are passionate to help clients to succeed. We are eager to share the tool of Organizational Health Check to clients in need.


We build communication with executives, board of directors, and HR managers. These people have deeper knowledge of the overall organizational health, and understand better how their companies can benefit from our Organizational Health Check. They have higher motivation and commitment to improve, and are more ready to take action. We also have conversations with middle managers. We intend to create awareness for Organizational Health Check among these people, so that they will gradually see the values of this tool, and will be more willing to support the survey administration when Organizational Health Check takes place in their companies.


Sometime clients don't feel the need to change, are not ready to change, or are resistant to change. We will honestly tell them where they are and how Organizational Health Check can make a difference, and let them take the lead in decision making.


When potential clients are identified, our Sales Partner (or Account Manager, AM, in the referral process) will brief our product and service of Organizational Health Check, and engage the consultant from Local Partners as PM (Product Manager in the referral process) to introduce the value and process of Organizational Health Check in details. All the information is available on our website for Sales Partner (AM)'s reference, and we encourage Sales Partner with profound knowledge of OrgBetter products and services to take the dual roles of both AM and PM.


Once the potential client makes their mind to conduct Organizational Health Check, their corporate executive or HR manager can register as a user or a member on our website to get started. The registrant will be asked to provide the email address of AM (Account Manager) and PM (Product Manager) when filling in the registration form. This online registration process can also be done by AM or PM on behalf of the new client in order to properly complete the process. Upon the completion of the registration form, the new client will receive an email notice to confirm the registration.