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The target can be the whole company, individual subsidiary / branch office (e.g. Taipei, Shanghai) / business unit (e.g. new business) / function (e.g. sales, R&D), or a specific project (e.g. building a factory, merge and acquisition), depending on what you want to achieve. Within the target organization, Advancd Health Check surveys executives, junior / middle managers and employees, while Basic Health Check surveys junior / middle managers and employees.


We survey all employees of the target population within the target organization, regardless of the population size. Naturally, our survey results are representative, and strategically meaningful. What should not be taken lightly is the response rate, which significantly impact the representativeness despite the fact that the whole population is surveyed. A lower-than-expected response rate not only biases the survey results (e.g. unsatisfactory employees are more likely to skip the survey) , but also signals the red flags within the organization (e.g. low employee trust in the management, employees' indifferences to the company's future, poor pre-survey communication, lack of executive support for survey).


To maximize response rate, go to FAQ > "Survey Process" > "Is there anything I have to do while the survey is in process?"


Our survey questions covered all important aspects of an organization. The survey content is created through seamless collaboration between industry elites and academic gurus, as well as in-depth study of comprehensive literatures. We verified the validity through repeated screening, testing and refining over the 6-month course of development, and will continuingly fine-tune the survey content in response to market trends and user feedback. The representativeness that we strived to build into the questions therefore distinguishes our survey from the questionnaires developed by executives, HR managers or management consultants in other companies.


Please refer to "Structure" and "Scope" section under "About Survey" on our website.


Our Organizational Health Check groups all employees of the target organization into three levels (L1-employees, L2-junior/middle managers, L3-executives). Respondents are asked to evaluate own competencies and those of the other two levels, rate the leadership of direct supervisor, assess corporate system and organizational culture. The 360-degree information collected offers survey results that are insightful and inclusive. The survey questions are designed to be non-personal, descriptive of a group of people or the organization. The anonymity of the survey protect respondents from being identified individually, and therefore encourages honest and true-to-fact answers.


360 degree feedback, on the other hand, has mixed reviews on its effectiveness. Readiness for and extent of implementation vary widely by companies. Companies favoring 360 degree feedback usually find themselves in one of the following situations: readiness not yet assessed, unfinished readiness assessment, readiness not in place for implementation, implementation in specific functions only, feedback collection for specific purposes only,  lack of follow-up actions after implementaion, or organization-wide implementation. The practice is structured to collect feedback toward a specific person from people working around the individual. Respondents may be easily identified from the answers given, and are therefore less willing to provide candid feedback. Consequently, and unsurprisingly, not all companies that conduct 360 degree feedback gain the full benefits.


Our survey has relatively better reliability and validity compared to employee interviews by managers/HR/consultants and self-administered questionnaires in general. The possibility of undersampling and sampling errors are minimized since the whole population is surveyed. Further, the online survey features anonymity, full-circle evaluation, and questions that span five major dimensions of the organization (competencies of employees and managers, leadership, corporate system, organizational culture, Teamwork). Our clients can therefore rest assured that an honest, reliable and valid whole picture will be presented by our survey results.


We examined the raw data of the survey by statistical analysis. The questionnaire has been confirmed with excellent reliability. Please refer to "Reliability" section under "About Survey" on our website for more details.


Note: Other than survey administration, how we sample the population also impacts the reliability and validity of the survey. Representatitveness is in question for both random sampling and stratified sampling when the sample size is too small.