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B Corp

OrgBetter is operated based on its core value and business philosophy, and has been certified as a "B Corp" in 2016. Please see http://www.bcorporation.net/community/orgbetter for details.


Best For The World

B Lab evaluates the performance in the five major areas of "corporate governance, employees, environment, community, and customers" among thousands of certified B Corps around the world every year, and awards "Best For The World" awards to outstanding performers. OrgBetter Consulting is fortunate to have won the "Best For The World 2019 Overall", the "Best For The World 2019 Community" and the "Best For The World 2021 Community" awards.



What is B Corp?

Social enterprises have gradually become a global movement. It breaks the dichotomy of the typical non-profit and for-profit. More and more enterprises define their own social missions and take actions accordingly. In order to respond to this trend, the new legal structures and certification are gradually established.

In 2007, a non-profit organization called "B Lab" was established in USA (http://www.bcorporation.net/). It creates an authentication mechanism with financial and social standards to certify whether the enterprises meet the social and environmental performance, corporate responsibility, transparency and related stringent standard. It is committed to promote "redefine business success" global campaign.

The enterprises passed the comprehensive and objective assessment are called "B Corporation" (or B Corp). It is considered as a new model of enterprise that can be both profitable and fair. “B Corp fulfills the highest standards of corporate social responsibility”, quoted from Magazine "Inc.". It says CSR and public service are not only donations. B Corp can achieve more environmental and social mission in the course of commercial activities. (YouTube Video)

The number of certified B Corp is continuing increase in recent years. By 2017 Q1, there are over 2,000 enterprises in 50 countries have been certified as B Corp, including some famous companies like Patagonia, Method, Ben & Jerry's.

Note: Taiwan x17, Korea x10, Singapore x3, Japan x2, China x1, Hong Kong x1 (2017.02.28)。