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To help more enterprises and consultants drive lasting success in business, we endeavor to ensure our Organizational Health Check as affordable as can be without sacrificing the quality of our services. We make it happen by keeping our small scaled organization focused, cost-effective, innovative, and what's more, bringing clients into our value chain.

  • We build brand awareness through word of mouth and social networks. 
  • Our clients are our sales representatives. We pay referral bonus when our clients recommend us to others.
  • Our referral bonuses depends on the survey types that the referee sign up for. The amount of bonus is detailed in the table below:
Service Type Lite Survey Full Survey Customized Questionnaire
Survey Price USD1,000 Quoted by local partners Quoted by local partners
Referral Bonus for AM*
(who brings in the leads)
USD250 USD1,500 USD500
Referral Bonus for PM*
(who closes the deal)
USD250 USD1,500 USD500



  1. Account Manager, (abbr. AM), is the referrer who initiates the referral process by identifying potential clients, recommending OrgBetter services, promoting OrgBetter awareness and involving PM to push the potential clients forward.
  2. Product Manager, (abbr. PM), is the referrer who closes the referral process by actively engaging potential clients, marketing OrgBetter services, and successfully urging potential clients to register as OrgBetter members.
  3. A person who initiates and closes the referral process without involving others is eligible for both bonuses for AM and PM.


Process of Referral

  1. Satisified customers can become our partners.
  2. Refer OrgBetter's services to your personal network when need arises.
  3. Remind your referee to fill in your email address in the column of "referrer" when signing up for OrgBetter account.