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Survey Types

We offer three types of Organizational Health Check surveys to address different needs of our clients:

  • Lite Survey: Ideal for HR partners with the need to develop specific training plans
  • Full Survey: Serving the higher-level purposes for BOD, Executives, Consultants to plan for corporate change, manage employee performance, and plan for specific training
  • Customized Questionnaire: Applicable to selected groups (e.g., Sales, RD) within the organization, with custom competencies and the same survey process as Full Health Check"



  Lite Survey Full Survey (Customized)
Purpose Plan the Training Plan the Change, Manage Performance, Plan the Training
  1. Competencies
    • L1-Employee (15)
    • L2-Middle Manager (15)
  2. Leadership (10)
  1. Competencies (Can be tailer-made in Customized Questionnaire)
    • L1-Employee (15)
    • L2-Mid Manager (15)
    • L3-Top Manager (15)
  2. Leadership (10)
  3. Corporate System (10)
  4. Organizational Culture (10)
  1. L1: Self-assess L1, assess L2
  2. L2: Assess L1, Self-assess L2
  1. L1/L2/L3: 360-degree assessment (one level down, self, direct-report)
  2. Assess competencies, leadership, corporate system, organizational culture
Content in Report
  1.  Statistics of the participants
  2. 3 categories:L1, L2, Leadership
  3. 4 types of charts:Distribution, Rating, Gap, 360 Degree
  1. Statistics of the participants
  2. 6 categories: L1, L2, L3, Leadership, Corporate System, Organizational Culture
  3. 6 types of charts: Distribution, Rating, Gap, 360 Degree, Index, Benchmark
  4. Index: (Histogram, Radar)
    • H-level: LoO (Index of Overall)
    • M-level: LoL (Leadership), LoE (Execution), LoS (Corporate System), LoC (Organizational Culture)
    • L-level: LoL1 (Employee), LoL2 (Middle Manager), LoL3 (Top Manager)
  5. Benchmark
    • with the same people in different surveys
    • with different people in the same/different surveys
    • select any of the 6 categories to conduct the benchmark
Report File
  1. The report is generated by system for clients to download.
  1. Clients can select charts, edit and download the report.


Scope of Full Survey:


Scope of Lite Survey: