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Content of the Report

Rich in insight, flexible in format, our report of Organizational Health Check delivers the key elements that facilitate clients' decision making. The report presents hard data in easy-to-understand graphic charts and translates survey results into strategic action plans. The comprehensive scope of the report allows our clients to give more context to the results, and therefore to gain insightful perspectives. Our report consists of the follows:

  • 7 Statistics: Level, Gender, Age, Length of Service, Education, Organization, Function
  • 6 types of charts: Distribution, Rating, Gap, 360 Degree, Index, Benchmark
  • 6 categories: L1, L2, L3, Leadership, Corporate System, Organizational Culture
  • Use "Index" function to conduct the general comparison. There are 8 different Indexes grouped by three levels: *H-level: IoO (Index of Overall) *M-level: IoL (Leadership), IoE (Execution), IoS (Corporate System), IoC (Organizational Culture) *L-level: IoL1 (Employee), IoL2 (Middle Manager), IoL3 (Top Manager)
  • Use "Benchmark" function to conduct specific and detailed comparison:
    • between results of the same people in different surveys
    • between results of different people in the same/different surveys
    • between results of any of the 6 categories selected
  • Edit the report on the system based on own needs, then download the report from the system directly.


Sample Report: (click to download)

  • OrgBetter Report for Lite Health Check
  • OrgBetter Report for Full Health Check (in standard format)
  • OrgBetter Report for Full Health Check (standard format, plus all the Index and Benchmark added by user)


Information Security

  • Our online system for Organizational Health Check is supported by a well-known cloud provider with built-in internet firewall, redundant and failover functions in the cloud infrastructure.
  • Our database stores only the basic member information and survey responses. All information collected is kept confidential. Only the survey owner, and the assigned consultant for a limited time, can access to the survey reports.
  • All transactions of the membership fees and service charges are securely conducted through our contracted "Third Party Online Cash Flow Payment System". Our own system does not process nor store any credit card information.