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We offer competitive and affordable rates for different types of Organizational Health Checks. Charged by usage without limitation to the number of survey participants, our clients are able to fulfill organizational goals at different levels through a single or multiple survey administrations to a large population.

  • Online questionnaire: calculated based on two consultant days
  • Consultant interviews: Plan 2~5 days interviews according to the size of the corporate client’s organization
  • Joint diagnosis: Calculated in one day, including half a day of meeting time and time to prepare for the meeting (calculated in half a day)
  • The price per advisory day varies slightly depending on the advisor, customer location, service time, and other factors, and is based on the quotation after contact with the local advisory partner.
    • Taking USD4,000 per advisory day as an example, 2 days for questionnaire + 5 days for interview + 1 day for diagnosis = 8 days, and the subtotal service fee is USD 32,000.